CH Cuchullainn
My first Wolfhound and my first Champion, Cully never finished out of the ribbons.

Faolain's Briosca Muir O'Asher CD CGC
Briosca loved obedience work. With 11 points and 2 majors, she was also well on her way to a Championship when a leg injury ended her career.

CH Grainne Gairech O'Faolain
Gracie loved going to shows, traveling, meeting people and other hounds. Her children bear the stamp of her wonderful personality.

CH Ban Stoca O'Faolain
Bani did not like showing at all, but she did enjoy partying, so she consented to enter the ring on occasion. She did love coursing, though.

CH Atas Adair O'Faolain
Adair finished in 14 shows with 3 majors, and won a ribbon at the only IWCA National Specialty she attended.

CH Ygraine the Fair O'Faolain CGC
Ygraine is a real sweetheart and I love showing her. Cormac and Questor are her brothers.

CH O'Faolain's Cormac ar an Loch JC
Cormac never met a dog or a person he didn't like. He finished his Championship at 22 months and later won a Hound Group 2. Cormac lived with his owner, M.B. Kinsella-Topping.

CH In Quest of Adventure O'Faolain
Questor finished in 8 shows with 5 Best of Breeds, and went on to win many Best of Breeds, handled by his owner, Cindy Shiley, with whom he lived.

My Brace (Bani and Gracie)
I had a lot of fun showing this mother/daughter pair, who won Best Hound Brace in Des Moines, and 2nd in the Brace class at the IWCA National Specialty.

O'Faolain's Munch of Monmouth JC
Munch could run like the wind, but preferred being a couch potato. He lived with M.B. and his half-brother Cormac.

Lochlainn O'Faolain JC
Lochlainn earned his JC at the IWCA National Specialty in Oklahoma.

CH O'Faolain's Cormac ar an Loch JC
Despite this rather frightening view, he was having a great time!
Coursing photos of Munch and Cormac by Shot on Site

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